Professional Comedy Hypnotist

Thorough Hypnotherapy Treatment across the UK

I am Chris Lee and I am a qualified hypnotherapist who offers first-class hypnotherapy treatment to people across the UK to help them achieve their goals or help conquer long-lasting fears. 

My 30 years of experience ensures you are getting a quality service, tailoring your treatment to suit your needs and comforts to ensure the best results.

My Process

For my hypnotherapy process, I liked to work with you on a one-to-one basis, preferably at your own property to ensure you are comfortable and achieve the best results.

Such is my experience I am able to offer group sessions, from 6 to 100 people I am able to work with the group to help achieve their goals through hypnotherapy with all sessions tailored to suit the group’s needs. 

I also offer audio recordings to my clients, to ensure you are achieving your goals when I am not available.

Conditions I Cover

My expertise means I am able to cover a vast range of conditions, including: 

- Stop Smoking 

- Lose Weight 

- Gain Confidence 

- Overcome a Life-Limiting Phobia 

- Be More Positive 

- Focus on Your Ambitions 

- Keep Calm During Exams and Interviews 

- Become a Better Sports Person

CONTACT ME qualified hypnotherapist Chris Lee today to make a booking for one of my life-changing hypnotherapy treatment sessions, available across the UK.