Professional Comedy Hypnotist

About Chris Lee

Based in Halifax, I am a professional comedy hypnotist that has over 30 years’ experience in entertaining clients up and down the UK as well as across the world. 

I also provide clients with hypnotic treatment and training, with my membership in the European Guild of Professional Stage Hypnotists ensuring you are getting the highest standard of service.

My show

If your club or pub are having a party or organising an event, I am the perfect addition to your entertainment. As a master of the mind, I am able to make your guests do almost anything with just a few words and a click of his fingers. Laugh along as your guests believe they are taking part in the Grand National, seeing audience members naked, or have become the world’s sexiest lap dancers. 

All acts are done in the best possible taste, with you and your guests made to be the stars of the show. I am able to cater to almost any event, with all my shows done on a contractual basis ensuring you a top class show every time.

CONTACT ME, qualified hypnotherapist Chris Lee to enquire about my history in the profession and to book my comedy hypnotist show, available across the UK.